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Welcome to Life After Camp! We are still giving out free pies if you join! (We're running out though, so join while you can.)

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PostSubject: Rita!!!!!!   Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:31 pm

Name: Rita Stone
Age: 22
Gender: female
Appearance: Black hair, gray eyes, slender, 6'3, pale skin
God Parent: Hecate
Mortal Parent: N/A
Other relatives: none. She's all alone in the world Sad
Education: She goes to Princeton. She's still there.
Occupation: SHE'S A JUDGE!!!!!
Residence: She lives in New Jersey.
Personality traits: She's quiet, usually nice, but she's not that social. She's a perfectionist and hates messes.
Talents/Skills: Gymnastics
Flaws: she doesn't trust people ,shes very quiet, she would rather be with the wildlife than people
Pets: Snake named Maylene (SHE'S STILL ALIVE), Pammy the talking camel, and Kon the talking stuffed animal lion-bear
Powers: She has telekinesis, she can't lift anything over 50 pounds, and she can do it only 10 times a day.
Life before CHB*: Rita lived in an orphanage where everyone hated her. Her mother had abandoned her when she was only a week old. One day a satyr came and told Rita that she was a half blood and he told her about camphalf blood. Rita looked at him in disbelief and went outside to hang out with the wildlife in the woods. Thats where she met mayleen. (her pet snake) The orphanage wouldnt let her take in a snake, so the Satyr came outside and told her to come with him. Rita boredly followed him and she came to camp half blood.

RP Example*: Mayleen was slithering on my shoulders and the weird person who had told me about camp half blood baught plane tickets to New York. I just kept quiet during the plane ride and mayleen was hidden in my bag. When we got to New York, we called for a taxi. In the taxi mayleen somehow figured out how to get out of the bag. She slithered out and I widened my eyes. I grabbed her and hid her behind my back. When we stopped we went up a big hill. and there was Camp Half Blood.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita!!!!!!   Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:41 pm


cool story fro
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