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Welcome to Life After Camp! We are still giving out free pies if you join! (We're running out though, so join while you can.)

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PostSubject: FORUM SHOP   Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:17 pm

Ello! Welcome to the Forum Shop, where you can buy stuff for your own self, or you charries. Its gonna be a tiny bit similar to the one on CHB, but not a whole lot.

1. PM a Admin if you want to buy something with the color PURPLE. So that we know you read the rules..and because its fun.
2. You can only use your 'bucks' here, in the forum shop, unless told so for some reason.
3. You earn bucks by posting, so get posting! Every post you make=1 buck, Every topic you make=5 bucks
4. You also get them monthly for being a good staff. 100 bucks monthly for each staff member.
5. Prices may change from time to time, so don't get all angry when they do.
6. We give refunds IF, the refund sounds legitimate.
7. Prices may be changed at any time, so check back here before buying.

Rules may be added on later.


Username change: 50 bucks
Marriages: free (For now)
Extra Character: 200 bucks

More items coming soon!
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