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 Elizabeth, first charcter

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PostSubject: Elizabeth, first charcter   Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:36 pm

Name: Elizabeth Weaver
Age: 21
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hephastus
Mortal Parent: Alyssa Weaver
Other relatives: none
Education: A masters degree and a Doctorate degree, went to Elizabethtown Highschool, and University of Kentucky
Occupation: A Doctor
Residence: A small house near the Hospital
Personality traits: calm, caring
Talents/Skills: Medicine, curing diseases, and singing
Flaws: afraid of heights, messing things up, cant stay still for more then ten minutes
Pets: A snake named George
Powers: none
Life before CHB*: She was always getting in trouble for taking things apart and putting them back together during class. She lived with her mom for most of her life but when her mom heard of a hell hound attacking her school in broad daylight she got nervous. Her mom sent her across the country on a Grey Hound with enoguh money to get her started in New York. She was suprised to get a letter from her mom one day and it read "hello dear it's mom and i wanted to let youy know that if you go to this one camp it will wash away your troubles for good here are the directions." She read it over and over again each day until she finally left her apartment, for good.
RP Example*: i clock out and sigh a breath of relief "at least the shift is over now i dont have to deal with anyone else that could be dying" i grumble. i get in my car and gun the engine I get about twenty feet from tghe hospital when i get a call i answer. It's the hospital tlling me to get back quickly, it was one of the patients "im on my way" i say turning around. I walk in to the patients room "what seems to be the trouble" i say pulling on my gloves. "It's the patient Ma'am" one of the nurses say "she suddenly turned into a state of extreme damage to her brain". i sigh "alright lets get to work people, COME ON." i lean down next to the patient "dont worry it's going to be alright, i wont let you go" i say squeezing her hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth, first charcter   Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:44 pm


cool story fro
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Elizabeth, first charcter
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