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 Vlad Jones

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PostSubject: Vlad Jones   Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:05 pm

Name: Vladmir Jones (formerly called himself Vlad Shadow)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blue eyes and black hair. He is tall, like 6ft 6", and has a pale white skin tone.
God Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent: Magda Jones
Other relatives: N/A
Education: He was educated as a child at first by his mother, then at various primary schools, as he lived in the UK, but later on, he lived in America and gained a High School Diploma. He studied to be a phlebotomist at Oxford University upon his arrival back in England.
Occupation: Phlebotomist- Phlebotomists are individuals trained to draw blood from a live person or animal.
Residence: Has a flat in London for when he is there and an apartment in New York where he spends most of his time.
Personality traits: Shy, hard-trusting
Talents/Skills: drawing, reading others body langauge, can play the guitar and is quite smart (he has to be to go into medical practise!)
Flaws:Cynical, hot tempered, awkward, klpeptomaniac
Pets: Hell Hound named Zoltan (has been magically shrunk to an ordinary dog's size
Powers: shadow travel, three times a day, four if he concentrates really hard but he always ends up tripping over himself out of exhaustion afterward. He can travel about three miles before he needs to stop and sleep or rest. He can predict the deaths of people about an hour before hand, this drains no energy but it does make him dizzy.)
Life before CHB*:Vlad was raised on the streets whilst his mother worked as a barmaid at minimum wage. At the age of ten, he was arrested for theft from a major store and taken away from his mother. Vlad changed his surname from Jones to Shadow when he discovered his ablity to shadow travel after escaping a fight with a few 'ugly dudes' who were in fact monsters. He kept his life a mystery to all who met him, fearing getting too close to them. He only opens up to a certain type of person (nice, kind and consistently around) and they are hard to come by when you live off the streets and foster carers.
RP Example*: I got home and fell onto my sofa. I sighed and looked at the window. Rain. Again. London is a rainy place. I saw a photo I'd put on the table and sighed. I picked it up. "Aleera," I murmured. She was so pretty... I haven't seen her in years...
Notes: Vlad has abandonment issues on a prescription grade level. He has only ever let himself love someone since he left his mother who had willlingly let him be taken away from her to foster care and he hasn't seen her since he was seventeen and went to high school to get his diploma. He carries a torch for her even now.
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PostSubject: Re: Vlad Jones   Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:44 pm

ugh. what you put in the notes for him is so sweet.
Anyway, very good.

cool story fro
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Vlad Jones
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